W a i t i n g   o n
                         t h e   s i  d  e  l i n e   f o r                     m y  t i m e  t o  s h i n e  

            Brains,                Beauty &             Sports

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Macy Golder reports from the sidelines, locker  room and anywhere there's a big story. She has broken news and scored major interviews and thrives in all formats. 

   Fun Facts about Macy
  • Born and Raised outside of Philadelphia, Pa
  • A huge New York Sports fan
  • Family is the most important thing in life
  • Is 5'7 and loves to wear heels
  • Social media addict 
  • Selfies :) 
  • Enjoys working out 
  • Favorite food: French Fries 
  • Favorite Athlete: David Wright
  • Will never turn down a trip to the beach 
  • Lover of Golf, Football &Baseball
Macy Golder, Penn State